Our Company

Consultoria em Excelência Operacional

  WWGG Trainings and Consulting is a modern company, dynamic with transparent techniques, where quality, safety, occupational health, environment and social accountability are the bases of sustainability to deliver the theoretical and practical training, aiming at the better qualification to the Operational Personnel, Leaders and Managers.

  The market constantly changes. Professionals and companies need rapid updating and support to keep productive, competitive, and motivated to reach their goals.

   Our training, advisory services, process management solutions and personalized treatment straight align with your business objectives in a tailor-made combination to your company.

Reason for Being


    Our portfolio of services was based upon of our intention of keeping alive the best businesses practices we worked with across years of experience in several different companies size.

   In despite of all business development, information and resources available, we have seen that the accelerated demand for business requests the need to review and update the basic and advanced support for internal operations.

   Therefore we dedicate the most to recreate the bases of operational knowledge, starting with the basic instruction and achieving the complete implementation of the highest levels of Operational Excellence.

  We aim to increase the knowledge about the operations, activities, products and consequently the services of our Clients, working together to give them all the support they need to dedicate themselves into their core business.