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Developing industrial activities and services in a permanent way raising and maintaining the technical operational knowledge of employees and the internal management systems of our Clients, to leverage their businesses searching on Operational Excellence.

Clients presented many challenges that do not have a fixed scope to WWGG Consulting Professionals members as they are dependent on the needs of the Client. So the area of project development aims, for example:

  • Avoid waste;

  • Optimize consumption of materials and energies;

  • Optimize processes;

  • Improve the quality of the final product;

  • Improve product viability;

  • Revitalize operations of Industrial Units, total or partial, with goals and deadlines previously established and

  • Increase profit with "win-win" productivity contract.


  • Industrial Diagnosis;

  • Production Optimization and

  • Products and Byproducts Applicability Study (studies about the form of manufacturing, chemical route and about formula components). 

  • Industrial Diagnosis:

Through the study of productive process and the company routine, look for the source of possible problems such as defects, waste and failure that leads to losses. After this analysis, tactics are developed for the improvement and normalization of the company.

  • Production Optimization:

The project aims to optimize the processes of a company, making them more efficient and profitable, seeking to obtain higher incomes and, consequently, increased profit.

  • Products and Byproducts Applicability Study:

The project applies to when any company aspires to the production of something new, and then needs a study to analyze if such a product is possible and economically viable.

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