Management Systems Implementation in Industry and Services (Implementação de Sistemas de Gestão na Indústria e Serviços)

Management Systems Implementation - wwggconsulting


  • Training and Development

  • Working by a Project;

  • Business Consulting;

  • Strategic Business Planning;

  • Business Management;

  • Audit Diagnostics: Financial, Operational and Management;

  • profitability growth plan implementation;

  • Evaluation processes to optimize materials consumption, energy, process time and manufacturing route, and

  • Management models implementation with certification support which may include partial or total operational activities management.


  • Formation and or Professional Qualification;

  • Specialization;

  • Recycling and

  • Self-update.


  • Training is a cultural assimilation process which aims to give or recycle knowledge, skills or attitudes related directly to tasks execution or to their optimization at work.

  • The training produces a state of change in the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes of each worker, since it implements or modifies the particular knowing of each one. 

Training: “technical and motivational preparation of a person for the job"; 

Development: “to make the necessary technical or behavioral adjustments of the professional who already holds a job"


  • Increase production and sustainable productivity;

  • Align cooperators to business objectives;

  • Reduce internal conflicts;

  • Expand the motivational level;

  • Increase accountability and commitment to the company;

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of professionals;

  • Develop more complete professionals;

  • Positive changes in organizational culture;

  • Enable organization expansion and

  • Increase overall company results.

         Resume: A lot more motivated and productive professionals.