Management Systems Implementation in Industry and Services - wwggconsulting

 Operational Excellence Improvements 

  Preparation for managers, multipliers and users

of Management Systems including concepts to:


  • Corrective actions and improvements; Documents and records control; Supplier management; Training management; Industrial activities management, Customer demand management; Processing complaints; Industrial metrology and maintenance management, Safety and Health, Environment, Energies, Quality, Inventories Management;  Logistics and distribution, Union relationship; Social accountability, on the following systems:

  • ISO9000;

  • ISO22000;

  • OHSAS18000 -> ISO 45001;

  • ISO14000;

  • SA8000;

  • ISO50001;

  • Responsible Care for Chemical Industries;

  • SASSMAQ for logistic chain

  • SCRUM an agile project management methodology.

  • Health Management System: The elderly care in long-stay institutions, based on RDC283/05.

Besides that we provide full support ensuring certification by either of the mentioned systems as well as any selected certifier by customer preference.