A WWGG Consulting conducts Regulatory Norms training ensuring that your organization is always up to date on legal requirements as well as its employees are always well prepared to carry out their work safely.

A WWGG strictly observes in force legislation and can provide a specific service to control the training required for employees in your organization. Therefore an expiry date warning can be issued as well as the penalty that your organization could be exposed if the legislation would not complied with.

WWGG Consulting has developed a series of NR’s training in order to facilitate the Health and Safety Management System of the companies.


For that, has established a correlation between the RN’s by grouping them into a so-called "Combo" so that organizations, can receive a greater information by gaining a broad view on Regulatory Norms.

Training with certificates issuance in all Regulatory Norms (NR's)

Ask for a diagnosis of the legal occupational health and safety needs for your company.

With NR's Combo training your organization will be better prepared.

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